Saturday, January 9, 2010


Cheers! Please raise your glass of V8 Juice with me in honor of all of our many New Year's Resolutions. Cheers, it's 2010! Did you make a list of New Year's Resolutions like me? I am sure, if you are anything like me, weight-loss probably made your list. It seems that everyone I know is "losing weight in '10!" And that is exactly my goal, 10.

Ten Pounds.

Surely, it can be done, right? This year, my tactic to keep my New Year's Resolutions, is different. First, I am making cardio a priority. Michael says that "cardio is how you shed pounds." I need to shed 10.

Ten Pounds.

I can do it. You can too! Tactic two is strength training; tearing down muscles and rebuilding. Michael says that "rebuilding" those muscles is crucial to burning fat. More muscle means my body will actually work for me better.

Tactic three is sacrifice. What are you giving up in 2010 to help you on your way? Tossing your cigarette's in the trash? Cleaning all the chocolate out of your pantry? Adding a glass of green tea to your morning routine? I am giving up chocolate.

Ten Pounds....of chocolate.

When I attended Baylor, my team won the Intramural Championship Basketball game. I was MVP of our team. For my reward, I got a 10 lb Crunch Bar to carry home with me. It was massive. I didn't want to eat it, because to be quite honest, it was just cool. I had never seen such a big chocolate bar. It was like something straight out of Willy Wonka's factory. And since I have probably consumed enough chocolate throughout this holiday season to equal that massive 10 lb Crunch bar, I thought it best to sacrifice my sweet tooth for the new year.

Ten Pounds.

What are your resolutions for the New Year? Cheers to 2010!

'Til Next Time,

Friday, December 11, 2009

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend!

They say diamonds are a girls best friend. And for all intensive purposes, this motto is true. That is, if you can squeeze your diamond onto your "I still haven't lost all my baby weight" finger. Yes, almost four long years ago, I quit wearing my wedding ring. Or rather, the wedding ring was not able to contain my swollen fingers. Don't laugh. Swollen fingers are a natural part of a woman's pregnancy. BUT, usually 6-12 months after the pregnancy ends, one is usually able to reunite with their wedding ring.

I, however, could not reunite with my beloved diamond. I was determined to lose the weight. However, time continued to march on and my fingers seemed to have a mind of their own. I began to think that my fingers would never be able to accommodate my previous ring size. And time continued to march on. Oh, the get the ring sized or not to get it sized.

Frankly, I just wanted to lose the weight and be thin again. But, that proved to be a difficult task. Months would pass by and I would give myself a new deadline. Then, I would decide it was hopeless again and decide to have my ring re-sized. The cycle would continue.

A few months ago, I tried my ring on. It actually went on my finger with no more than a slight (okay a forceful) shove. It then proceeded to turn my finger purple. No amount of lotion could get it off and I began to panick. My entire arm was throbbing from the pain. I seriously thought I might have to go to the Liberty Hospital and have someone saw it off. It was either the ring....or my finger. After 10 minutes of panic, pain, and the near dislocation of my finger, I decided that enough was enough...I would re-size my wedding ring after all! It had been 3 1/2 long years since I had worn it and I was not going to be foolish any longer. I decided that next time I remembered, I would take it with me to the jeweler and have it taken care of.

So, a few days ago, I got my ring out and started hunting for the box to take it for sizing. I glared at it with my super x-ray vision and willed it to fit on my finger. Actually, I decided to give it one more try since I have been going to Michael's Fitness for 2 months now. I spoke softly to it and pleaded in hushed tones to "please fit this time" and lo and slid on with ease.

No purple finger. No magic tricks. Just two months at Michael's Fitness and some hard work paid off. Thanks Michael!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Remorse

First, I would just like to say that I am stuffed. Put a fork in me; I'm done! I must admit, despite my inability to consume wheat products, I sadly gobbled down three Thanksgiving meals with ease.   Did anyone else eat like there was no tomorrow over Thanksgiving? :0 
I hope you had more self control than I did!  If I had to sum it up in one sentence it would be:

"Oh crab dip, you shall be my demise!" 

And it was without a shadow of a doubt the unraveling of Jessica Kirkland. 

However, I could spend this time crying in my cornbread or beating myself up with a leftover turkey drumstick, but instead I'll just move on.  Actually, I think I'll get moving!  
The good news? If you have turkey remorse similar to me, then here's how we can resolve our problems together:

This week at Michaels Fitness, we are pre-registering people for our January & February night class.

60 day program
Tuesday & Thursday nights
Night 1 - step aerobics to music (beginner level)
Night 2 - strength training
$150 dollars for the entire program.

Anytime this week, you can come in and sign up for the program or buy someone you know a gift card. Nothing like giving the gift of "health" for Christmas. Open from 8-7pm.

There are only 20 spots available due to our limited space. Don't miss out! 

Here's to starting out the New Year right!  (this is when we toast our V8 drinks and sign up together).  

Michael's Fitness is located @:
1409 Suite B, Hwy 90 Liberty, Texas 77575 
Michael: 832-514-9862 cell
Jessica: 936-581-3944 cell

'Til Next Time,
Jessica Kirkland

Thursday, November 19, 2009

With a Twinkle in His Eye

Today I watched a young boy look at his mom from across the gym and excitedly mouth his new weight to her.  With a twinkle in his eye that would have put Santa to shame, he quietly mouthed and counted out his new weight with his fingers.  It was fun to watch.  Michael had temporarily stopped to speak with a client and take her measurements, while the boy was working out with some arm weights.  He finished his reps, jumped on the scale, and then immediately started trying to get his mom's attention.  Whereas he could have stopped and waited around for Michael to come back to him, he did not. He could have grabbed some water, stopped to stretch, or just rested for a moment; he did not.  He immediately clicked the weights up a notch and went to work.  I watched him load up his weights for squats, twinkle and all. 
 I was so busy thinking about his accomplishment, that I had one of my own; 40 painless sit-ups in a row.  Forty?  I realize that might not be many to some, but considering that ten were a struggle one month ago, forty is QUITE the accomplishment for me.  I had been instructed to do sit-ups (20) is what my goal had been, and before I knew it, I was counting out 40.  Good form too, if I must say so myself.  :)

Have you lost the twinkle in your eye?  Sometimes, we lose our twinkle.  We get discouraged with our appearance and we get mad at ourselves.  I think the best lesson learned from our twinkle-eyed boy today is that progress is a reflection of what you do when no one else is watching.  No one may be able to see your midnight snack, or that you did 10 reps when you should have done 20, but the tape measure never lies.  The scale never lies.  And to be quite frank with you, the twinkle in your eye or lack thereof is also an indication of your dedication.  Although I have not personally met my goals yet; I am inching closer to them each day.  I am getting my twinkle back.  No pain; no gain, right?

'Til Next Time,
Jessica Kirkland

Friday, November 13, 2009

Three for Three

Three inches.  Three weeks.  The spare tire is deflating a bit.  I am pleased.  I do tend to do things in three's it seems.  One pregnancy.  Three children at once. Three children who happen to be three years old.  But, today, I celebrate three inches gone from my waistline in just three weeks!  When I remember, I will give Michael three-high fives to commemorate the occasion (okay I probably won't do that really...I won't).

I am pleased.

Two pounds down according to my weigh in Thursday afternoon.  However, I am going to claim three on that too.  I weighed this morning (as I wanted to weigh on an empty stomach and hope that I would be lighter than my afternoon weigh-in the day prior).  I was right.  I showed three pounds down on that.  So, I am claiming three.  I do things in three's, what can I say?  

I am pleased.

On task for this week is to do things in 5's.  No, I am not going to add twins to my trio (never fear; it's much simpler than an instant family).  This week, I am going to focus on eating 5 small meals a day.  As I mentioned before, I do things in three's (to a fault at times).  I need to be eating 5 small, 300 calorie meals a day.  Now, this is what I am allotted for my height and body type (your allowance is probably not the same as mine so find out for yourself what yours should be).  I tend to be a three-meal gal, which is not good for keeping your metabolism going.  I tend to eat three large meals a day and no snacks in between.  This week, I must abandon my natural inclination towards the number three and try to eat my five meals.  But, nonetheless, I am pleased with my results.  

And just for kicks, I was playing with my trio outside today and thought I saw a wolf (yes I know we don't have wolves here).  I yelled, "Oh my gosh! It is a wolf, run!"  So, I started dragging my trio up to the house and all one of them could do was scream "My shoes! Mommy! You are leaving my shoes!"  Three year olds have no concept for the words "It's a wolf, run!" and apparently their mommy cannot see at dusk.  

It was the (no joking here) family of 'triplet' deer that my dad feeds in his backyard.  We have been feeding them since they were little baby trips! See, I told you I was not lying about the three thing!  

'Til Next Time,
Jessica Kirkland

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spoiled and Pampered

I hope you took last night's post with a proverbial grain of salt.  Sarcastic salt it was nonetheless.  I tend to be a bit overdramatic.  I come from a long line of overdramatic women (but don't tell them I said that)!  Oh, there I go again!  The truth is, at Michael's Fitness, I am indeed:

But, it's not just me that Michael spoils.  He treats each client with respect and care.  It's what keeps clients motivated and encouraged to come back on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day.  Many people see personal trainers as a carbon copy of the trainers from the TV show The Biggest Loser.  The "MORE CARDIO"  kind of trainers that beat the motivation out of their clients.  And although I may joke of such times, at Michael's Fitness, the environment is quite the contrary.  And to be quite honest with you, the...


I am actually quite ...

So, if you are feeling the need to be *spoiled* and *pampered* while partnering with Michael to help you reach your goals, give us a call!  

Michael's Fitness

Monday, November 9, 2009

Solitary Confinement

I was cut off today.  No water.  No treadmill talk with my friend Judy.  Everything I have known to be true thus far, has been stripped from me.  Can you hear the sound of the whip cracking?  Listen with me for a second...okay I only said a second.  

I was cut off today.  A wise crack gone wrong.  A thought that I verbalized (I shall not repeat this mistake twice).  A realization.  

Technically, by default....this face, this person. ME! I am the "under construction" project that Michael's Fitness has accidentally acquired as his poster child.  

An epiphany of thought that I must be thin.  I have to be a success!  The name of Michael's Fitness is now tied to the appearance of his number one project: me?  

The pressure is great.  I am wiping my brow as I type this.  Sweat is pouring from my face as we speak (okay actually I am lounging in my favorite recliner watching Million Dollar Listing), but still!  So, as I verbalized my epiphany to Michael today, he answered me with his typical LOL.  

LOL?  Can we be serious for a second. Everything your business claims to be true rides on your ability to make me a fit and fiery mom of triplets!  I tried to read his response and had no luck in determining his perspective.  Until....

I was cut off.  I even think I might have seen him set the clock back 20 minutes at one point.  He shut down my usual banter and told me to do MORE CARDIO!  MORE MORE MORE! He demanded more reps with ruthless persistence.  "NO TALKING!" he scolded as I innocently took a water break near my friend Judy on the treadmill (while showing/attempting to show her some pictures of my adorable (yes I'm partial) children).  

I was cut off.  To solitary confinement I went just as Mrs. Jumbo did on Dumbo as she spanked the onlookers who teased her poor Dumbo's very enormous ears.  Solitary confinement is my new home at Michael's Fitness.  Because although his looks can be deceiving, Michael must have heeded my warning.  I am his poster child.  And there's no turning back.  He's stuck with this Mrs. Jumbo and his success partially depends on his ability to mold me into perfection.  

'Lonely and Disciplined Brutally,
Jessica Kirkland